What is Nanchatte seifuku?

"Nanchatte" seifuku means a "Just kidding" school uniform. It is a school uniform worn by girls who are no longer in school!

Normally, in Japan, it is done by young women who want to continue wearing their old school uniform in public for various reasons.

However, the practice has caught on in the west as a simple and conservative way to enjoy Japanese fashion, in contrast to more elaborate styles like goth-loli and visual kei.

It is an ideal style for a person who likes neutral colors, classic styling and wholesome fabrics.

It is also a good base for a girl who wants to look cute without losing a sense of structure.

If you want to learn how to look more refined and conservative in your personal style, nanchatte seifuku can also help.

Here is a video by a person who was an exchange student in Japan. She shows a real uniform that she wore in high school.